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Education for dog trainers, behaviorists, shelters, rescues, humane organizations, veterinarians, vet technicians and other canine professionals.

2020 Seminars

Dog-Dog Reactivity & Interactions. Avoiding Dog Play Dangers.

NEW: Online Webinar!

A live online webinar in 4

two-hour sessions:

August 1, 7, 15 & 22

Managing Dog-Dog Interaction

Positive Solutions for Dog Aggression. Finally, an aggression seminar that focuses on practical solutions to aggression problems, with specific positive steps for trainers & handlers  to take.

Fairfax, VA 

Dates Announced Shortly

Beware of The Dog

Reinforcement Strategies, Social Animals & Aggression Reduction. 

"It's like watching a great artist or athlete performing at the highest possible level."  Past Attendees

Orlando, FL

Dates Announced Shortly

Advanced Dog Training Topics

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We organize educational events & seminars presented by nationally and internationally renowned dog trainers and behaviorists.  Our intention is to educate dog professionals about innovative, creative and humane training methods.

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