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Education for dog trainers, behaviorists, shelters, rescues, humane organizations, veterinarians, vet technicians and other canine professionals.

Live Webinars


Teach dogs to come the fun and easy way to safely enjoy off-leash activities!

A Live Webinar Saturdays:

December 3 & 10, 2022

10 AM PST / 11 AM Mountain  / 12 Noon Central & 1 PM EST

presented by

Lisa Waggoner

4 CEU's Total

"Rocket Recall is that glorious moment when anytime and anywhere you say “Come!” your dog enthusiastically turns on a dime and bounds rapidly to you!”           Lisa Waggoner 

OnDemand Webinars


Dog-Dog Interactions


Sue Sternberg

Reactivity, Interaction, Dog Play Dangers & Socialization.

Resource Guarding


King & Sternberg

Managing & Modifying Resource Guarding.

Goodness of Fit


Suzanne Clothier

Dog Temperament, Motivation, Needs & Training Capabilities!

Brainwork for Dogs


Pat Miller

Brainwork for Dogs: Teaching Cognitive Skills!

Biology of Dog Aggression

Barking Dog

Dr. Tim Lewis

From Bad Beginnings, Bacterial Biomes & DNA to Bruised Brains!

Human-Canine Partnership



Reactivity, Interaction, Dog Play Dangers & Socialization.


Non-Aggression Problems

Funny Pitbull Portrait

Multiple Presenters

Excitability, Anxiety, Fearfulness, Pharmasociological & Recalls!

The Biology of Dogs


Dr. Tim Lewis

Dog Temperament, Motivation, Needs & Training Capabilities!

What We Do

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We're the leader for educational events & seminars presented by nationally and internationally renowned dog trainers and behaviorists.  Our intention is to educate dog professionals about innovative, creative and humane training methods.

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