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Sue Sternberg
Managing Dog-Dog Interactions
& Avoiding Dog-Play Dangers

An onDemand online lecture in 4 two-hour sessions.

Watch anytime, anywhere on any device. 


Includes All Sessions:

Fee: $75


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  • Each segment starts with Sue’s presentation of about 1 1/4 hrs. (75 min.), followed by a 15 minute “coffee break” and ends with 45 minute Q/A session during which Sue responded to questions posed by attendees of the live sessions.

  • You will be able to access a complete recording of each session for 1 year.

 Session 1: Assessing Dog-Dog Reactivity & Interactions  


  • How to use the Assess-A- Pet four-step, on-leash procedures to look for low risk, moderate risk, and high risk responses in dogs

 Session 2: Avoiding Dog-Play Dangers  

  1. How to assess dog-dog engagements to look for compatible playmates

  2. Observing low risk behaviors, moderate risk, and high risk behaviors

  3. When to interrupt

  4. How to interrupt

  5. How much play is healthy or necessary?

  Session 3: Managing in the Real World with a Reactive or Non-Reactive Dog  


  1. Is there more reactivity today than ever?

  2. Reactivity is contagious 

  3. Possible contributing factors for reactivity 

  4. What if EVERY dog owner managed his or her dog AS IF he were reactive?

  5. How to manage a dog in public or in private spaces

  6. Sensitive events for triggering reactivity

  7. Training tips for reactivity


  Session 4: Socializing Techniques for Puppies & Adolescents  


  1. Prevent Reactivity Before it Starts

  2. Are current puppy classes designed for today's world? What kind of socialization is best for puppies, so they grow up into dogs that, while out in public, are able to ignore most other dogs, while remaining connected with their owners.

  3. What if instead of a puppy, someone gets an older dog? Is it still possible to provide socialization?


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SUE STERNBERG (, is the  winner of APDT’s  2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. 


She founded the shelter featured in an  HBO documentary: Shelter Dogs (  She has developed national programs, such as Training Wheels® for community shelter outreach and dedicated herself to ensuring the quality of life of animals in their communities, at animal shelters and in safe adoptions. Her 30 years of canine behavior experience, includes as an animal control officer, behavior consultant  at the ASPCA, shelter owner,  successful competitor in dog sports, and a teacher of dog trainers world-wide. 


She is the author of Great Dog Adoptions: A Guide for Shelters (Latham Foundation publication) and Successful Dog Adoption published by Wiley. Her most recent publications (all published by Dogwise) include Out and About With Your Dog, Dog-Dog Interactions,  Assessing Aggression Thresholds in Dogs and  Understanding Sociability (DVD).

Click here for Sue's website.

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 WEBINAR FEE (includes access to recording for 1 year) 

$75.00 (includes all 4 sessions)

Note: Once you complete your purchase, you are presented with a download link for a text file with the links and passwords to the recordings!


  1. Click on the below blue ticket icon.

  2. Optionally enter your CCPDT number for CEU credits.

  3. Download the document you receive containing the links and passwords to view all 3 sessions OnDemand.

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