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Teach dogs to come the client friendly, fun & easy way to safely enjoy off-leash activities!

“For years I’ve used videos of Lisa’s recalls to inspire police K9 handlers to improve their dogs’ recalls. Lisa provides just the right amount of science to explain why the method works so well…the exercises are fun for you and your dog…(and) you’ll build a dog that remains attentive when with you. With recalls and attention, the sky’s the limit as to what you two can do together.”  

Steve White

Steve White from his foreword to Lisa's Rocket Recall Book. Steve is the former supervisor of the Seattle Police Canine Unit, has been a V.P. of CCPDT and a primary instructor for Karen Pryor’s ClickerExpo and the Karen Pryor Training Academy.



This new, easy-to-follow webinar provides you with detailed and progressive training steps for making recall training fun and effective for your clients and their dog(s). You’ll learn:

  • How to build fabulous focus and attention as a foundation for Rocket RecallTM 

  • The Check In , Name & Chase Me Games —fun ways to build your dog’s desire to come to you

  • How to create a simple training plan to help your client's dog “get it right” 

  • Strategies for recall success in highly challenging environments

  • Ways to avoid—and undo—the common mistakes that undermine a reliable recall

When you follow the Rocket Recall training plan, your clients will have a dog that remains attentive when with them. And with recalls and attention established, the sky’s the limit as to what you can accomplish together.

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6 Dog Pro Reviews on Lisa's Rocket Recall


“Lisa Waggoner’s Original Rocket Recall is an incredibly valuable gift to the dog-loving world, sharing sound, scientific and effective positive reinforcement based methods that can only strengthen relationships between dogs & their humans…”

Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA & Best Selling Author


“Lisa’s Rocket Recall is the definitive guide for teaching a fast, reliable recall and have fun doing it.”

Veronica Boutelle

 Founder of dog biz


Each session is approximately 2 1/2 hours with a 15 min break after the 1 1/4 hr lecture followed by 30 minutes of Q/A.


  • Introduction

  • Evolution of a Training Protocol

  • Foundation Training Exercises for the Rocket Recall™

A. The Check-In Game 

Reinforcing the dog orienting towards & eventually looking at /offering attention to owner in multiple settings without being asked.

B. Name Game

Reinforcing the dog always looking to the owner when the dog’s name is spoken

C . Using the Check-In Game and Name Game in Everyday Life

  • Training Response to the Recall Cue

A. Choosing a Cue

B. Adding Value to the Cue

  • The Rocket Recall™ Training Exercises 

A. The Chase Me Game 

Phase One, Two and Three. To have the dog eagerly follow owner when it hears the recall cue- in a variety of indoor & outdoor settings.

B. Round Robin Recall Games

Dog responds alternately to recall cue from two or more people positioned in separate places -responding only when called. 


  • The Rocket Recall™ Training Exercises 

C. Premack Games

Training the dog to execute a lower probability behavior (a recall bypassing a powerful distraction) by rewarding the dog with the distraction (e.g. a person holding a bowl of chicken) successful completion of the recall.

  • The Hide & Seek Game 

as Aid to Strengthening the Recall

  • Recall & Release Game

For dog to learn that coming when called does not mean an end to play.

  • Maintenance Training

  • Problem Solving Training Speed Bumps

  • Considerations for Training Around Prey

  • Coaching Clients to Recall Training Success​

  • The 12 Rules of Rocket Recall

​Participants will receive a link to download a quick reference guide of these 12 rules.

  • Wrap up

Foundation & Rocket Recall Training Exercises 

Most games & exercises start indoors, often off leash, then outside on 6 ft. leash, then on longline (15 ft leash) then off leash in safely fenced area – each environment requiring separate training routine, with addition of mild and then more challenging distractions in outdoor areas. 




Lisa Lyle Waggoner the author of Rocket Recall and a passionate advocate for humane, science-based, force-free dog training. She’s a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, a Pat Miller Certified Trainer-Level 2, Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, and a faculty member of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior.

Lisa is the founder of Cold Nose College, a labor of love that has blossomed into a world-renowned center of education for both dog owners and professional trainers. She’s well-known for her clear, compassionate, and engaging teaching skills and is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners form a strong bond and enjoy their lives together. 

She lives in western North Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and shares her life with her best friend, husband, and business partner, Brad, and their two Australian Shepherds, Cody and Cailie. 

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All rates include both session & OnDemand access to the recordings for 1 year!



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