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Educating dog trainers, behaviorists, shelters, rescues, humane organizations, veterinarians, vet technicians and other canine professionals about innovative, creative and humane training methods in practice today.

About Puppyworks

Puppyworks is “the event planner for dog people”. We sponsor and organize online events presented by nationally and internationally prominent trainers, behaviorists and other professionals. The purpose is to educate trainers, behaviorists, shelters, rescues, humane organizations, veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other canine professionals.


We were founded in 1991 initially to provide instruction and counseling for dog owners and their canine friends. As an aside we began to sponsor small educational dog seminars with speakers from around the country, discovering in the process that trainers were very interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge in training and behavior modification.


Over the past 20 years Puppyworks has planned and executed successful events from in-person seminars to online webinars and workshops to full scale regional and national conferences. Our online events and webinars are accessible to a global audience.

Animals for Adoption

One of our frequent cohost partners,  Animals for Adoption, is a widely praised model shelter

with a variety of unique programs .

Visit the Animals for Adoption website here.