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From Bad Beginnings, Bacterial Biomes & DNA to Bruised Brains!

presented by

Dr. Tim Lewis

4 CEU's Total


"This webinar will give you the scientific foundation to develop on a case-by-case basis the right balance of training, socialization and aggression management."       Dr. Tim Lewis


More than ever before canine professionals are approached by clients with dogs who exhibit aggressive behavior. Within the population both have increased, the number of dogs exhibiting various degrees of aggression as well as people’s sensitivity to aggressive dog behavior.


In this two-part webinar series, we will look at the biological and environmental causes of dog aggression from DNA through gut biomes to chronic stress. We will look at the biological mechanisms behind different management and treatment options so you better understand what might work and when. 


Environmental and learning effects are always superimposed upon genetic influences, but aggressive behavior does not occur in a biological vacuum. We will define "normal aggression" versus symptoms for maladaptive aggression responses. 



 Session One:  


In this session we will set the stage, clarify terminologies, discuss the extent of the issues & explore the biological basis of canine aggression!


  • Define Aggression

  • Evolutionary purpose of aggression

  • Which animals have it

  • Gene source & how wolves use it

  • Scope of issue in the dog world

    • Historical context

    • Current environment 

  • Legal

  • News and perception​


  • Internal

  • Genetic

  • Epigenetic

  • Structural

    • Endocrine

    • Gut biome

  • Disease

  • Age related brain changes

  • Injury

  • Training (self-rewarding)

  • External

    • Environment

    • Other dogs

    • People (including owner)

    • Training

 Session Two: 

A dive into the intrinsic biological controls of aggression, the biological basis of aggression management through mechanical controls to medical aggression reducers.



  • The aggressive-dog partner pledge about the responsibilities for your dog’s actions

  • How normal aggression is biologically “managed” by dogs

    • Arousal

    • Neurological control

    • Behavior control

  • What dog partners can do about aggression

    • Ignore it (these escalate)

    • Knowing a dog’s predispositions

      • Genetic markers

      • Signs and symptoms


  • Situation management (how these affect dog’s hormones and parasympathetic nervous system

  • Biological basis for a sampling of representative physical tools of aggression management, from the appropriate & useful to the inappropriate and likely harmful: 

    • Thunder shirts

    • Prong & shock collars

    • Muzzles

  • Behavior training & different types of learning:

    • Dogs: how canines learn

    • Humans: how humans learn

    • The biological basis for common training methods such as:

      • Counter Conditioning & Desensitization (CC & D)

      • Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)

      • Impulse Control and other forms of behavior modification

  • Medical intervention

    • Common drugs and how they work on the organism

    • Euthanasia: how those drugs work






Dr. Tim Lewis is an Eco-biologist, Professor of Biology at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul MN and a widely published research scientist. In addition he is a popular lecturer on Canine Cognition at Camp Gone to the Dogs, VT and other venues nationwide. 

Tim has a longtime connection to the fields of human physiology and health, as well as the very different pedagogies involved in teaching activities courses such as NAUI scuba.  He worked closely with Health and Human Performance (HHP) in the development of Biology’s link to Public Health and provided stewardship to the HHP Department during its 2015 decennial review. He is also the author of the acclaimed new book from Dogwise Publishing: The Biology of Dogs and an exciting Puppyworks Webinar with the same title.

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All 2 Sessions $55.00

Rates includes OnDemand access to watch anywhere, anytime on almost any device...for 1 year!


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