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Annie Phenix, Sarah Fisher & Dr. Laura Donaldson
A New Path to Solving K9 Aggression & Reactivity

A 2 Session onDemand Lecture.

Length: 2.45 hrs/Each Including Q/A

Rate Includes 1 Year of Unlimited Access


5 CEUs

1 Year Access


So your clients have an aggressive & reactive dog….what now? Wash your hands and walk away suggesting euthanasia? Or use methods of punishment and correction? In this 2-part webinar series we will discuss and learn about a strictly positive approach to training aggressive and reactive dogs. We will focus on two major aspects of this groundbreaking method:


1. FREE-WORK with Sarah Fisher

See your dog in a new way and obtain the tools to help them relax and be calm. Using her own unique way through games, tasks and lessons, she teaches dogs awareness of their own body and its underlying pain inducing triggers, build their confidence and teach them to choose a non-aggressive response to those stimuli.


2. Slow Thinking is Lifesaving for Dogs® with Dr. Laura Donaldson

Her Slow Thinking is Lifesaving for Dogs® program incorporates cutting edge research in trauma studies, somatic psychology and canine cognition to offer new hope to dogs struggling with aggression and trauma. Her goal is to help all dogs experience deep safety and emotional well-being, often for the first time in their lives, sometimes subtly utilizing controlled environments adjacent to but distanced from potential triggers.

Annie Phenix/Sara Fisher/Laura Donaldson

Annie Phenix/Sara Fisher/Laura Donaldson
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