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Donna Duford

photo of Donna Duford Donna Duford is an internationally known lecturer, dog trainer, behavior counselor, and instructor specializing in positive reinforcement techniques for training and behavior modification. She is a faculty member of the Pryor Foundation, an organization promoting the study and application of marker-based training to influence behavior in humans and animals, and has recently moved to San Francisco to work on a project using clicker training and dogs to help at-risk children and their families.

One of Donna's passions also includes teaching and mentoring other trainers. She lectures worldwide on dog training, behavior and instructing, and offers continuing education and mentoring opportunities for dog trainers. She serves on the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers, an affiliate of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and is the author of Agility Tricks -- for Improved Attention, Flexibility and Confidence.

In addition to teaching and lecturing, Donna writes the monthly column, Technically Speaking for Clean Run Magazine, and has contributed to The Latham Letter, Southern California Dog Magazine and Off Lead Magazine. She has been featured in Dog World Magazine, The Whole Dog Journal and on CNN.

Donna is also a nationally recognized leader in the sport of musical canine freestyle, serving as coach for several top-performing teams and conducting seminars throughout the world.