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Susan Bulanda

Susan Bulanda is an ethologist specializing in canine and feline behavior. She has earned her Bachelors degree from William Paterson University and her Masterās degree from Monmouth University. She has written six books, numerous articles, and has been published in Proceedings, the Journal of The National Association of Search and Rescue.

Ms. Bulanda started her career as a dog trainer in 1961 and has trained dogs for many activities including obedience, conformation, sled dog racing, hunting, personal protection, search and rescue and drug detection. She is also a senior conformation judge for the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Susan Bulanda has been a search and rescue dog trainer since 1982 and is the head trainer for Phoenixville Fire Department Canine Search and Rescue Unit. Prior to that she was the head trainer for Coventry Canine Search and Rescue Unit. She has been awarded the George Washington Medal of Honor by the Freedoms Foundation for her work in Search and Rescue. One of her books on search and rescue has been awarded first place in the biannual National League of American Pen Woman writersā contest and nominated as best book of the year by the Dog Writers Association of America. One of her articles on search and rescue was given a merit award by the National League of American Pen Women. Recognized world wide as a behaviorist, lecturer and a search and rescue dog trainer, her books have been used by units throughout the world. Her search dog training book has been translated into Japanese. As a lecturer Ms. Bulanda has spoken to many groups including the National Association for Search and Rescue and the Association of Pet Dog Trainerās annual conference.

She was selected as one of three judges world wide to judge Englandās first international K-9 SAR competition. She has been invited back as well as to Poland.

Recently Ms. Bulanda has pioneered the training of dogs for the detection of mold. She is the first dog trainer in the United States to successfully accomplish this level of work with dogs and one of few in the world. She uses no-force training methods so that the dogs enjoy the work. At no time are the dogs harmed or knowingly put into situations where they will be harmed or injured.