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Sue Sternberg


Saturday & Sunday
March 13-14, 2004


co-sponsored with
Narnia Pet Behavior, Training, & Consulting

Attendance limited to 100.
Program may be subject to change.
Temperament Evaluation of Shelter Dogs
Saturday • March 13th
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

This very popular segment will be a slide presentation and hands-on demonstrations with shelter dogs. Topics covered will be:

  • The importance of getting to know the dogs
  • When to test (strays vs. owner-surrenders)?
  • What is "good" and "poor" temperament?
  • Stage one evaluations
  • What the public is concerned about
  • The testing procedure
  • The matchmaking process

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Deadly Puppies/Deadly Dogs
Saturday • March 13th
1:30 - 3:00 pm

"Nature vs Nuture"... and "It's not the dog, it's the people who own him."

Can puppies be bad? Is it only "bad" people who create "bad" dogs? Or does there seem to be inherent temperament issues that are evident in even young puppies? Watch video footage of different puppies being temperament evaluated, and judge for yourself.

Can you predict whether a dog will become aggressive in adulthood? If so, how do you do it, and who is qualified? Are certain breeds more pre-disposed to aggression towards dogs or humans, and can you pick out the particular dogs of those breeds?

Sue will discuss puppy behavior, dog behavior, trainer behavior and owner behavior in this talk.

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Possession Aggression
Saturday • March 13th
3:20 - 5:00 pm

A look at food bowl guarding, bone and toy guarding, different levels. When it's manageable, when it's not.

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How a Dog Tells You He is Going to Bite you Long Before He Actually Bites You
Sunday • March 14th
9:00 - 11:00 am

Through video footage of people getting bitten, Sue will narrate and point out all the subtle signals a dog puts out warning us that he will bite us, and where on our bodies he will bite us. Then Sue will handle iffy shelter dogs, and the audience will narrate what they see.

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Defensive Handling for Trainers and Instructors
Sunday • March 14th
11:20 am - 12:30 pm

Learn how to keep yourself safe when dealing with aggressive or potentially aggressive dogs. Live demonstrations with unknown shelter dogs will enhance your observation skills, and you will get to see demonstrations of quick muzzling techniques, leash handling, signs that a dog is ready to blow, what to do when a dog blows, how to figure out if a dog is dangerous even if he is not showing overt signs of aggression. We will cover how to set up for a safe consultation, what to ask the owners to try with the dog to see the level of dominance aggression in the dog (and their potential handling skills and level of fear of their own dog) as well as simple tests to assess the level of aggression and prognosis in the aggressive dog.

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Dog Training and Human Training
Sunday • March 14th
1:30 -5:00 pm

Sue will show, by lecture and live demos with untrained shelter dogs, how to get a dog to train YOU, by offering good behaviors to get your attention. Sue will show techniques for training pet dogs and shelter dogs to tap people on the shoulder, and say, "Excuse me, please, I am trained and would like you to work a little with me here...". The result is, dog trainers and instructors don't have to nag or encourage pet owners practice--their dogs will remind them! (with appropriate behaviors) and dogs in shelters, in literally a few minutes a day, will learn to walk up to that prospective adopter on that busy Saturday, and show them how well behaved and "smart" he is. This training is easily implemented by people who have never trained before, and a fresh and exciting way for seasoned trainers to look at training.

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Seminar Fees

$125.00 (both days)
$65.00 (each day)

Attendance limited to 100.

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Sue Sternberg is the head of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a community not-for-profit animal shelter which serves both the local (upstate New York) community as well as runs national programs dedicated to ensuring the quality of life safe animal adoptions, quality of life at animal shelters around the world. She has over 23 years of canine behavior experience, including as an animal control officer, a behavior consultant at the ASPCA, a kennel and animal shelter owner, a successful competitor in a variety of dog sports, and a teacher of dog trainers. Since 1993, she has operated a not-for-profit animal shelter in rural New York called Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, which is featured in an upcoming HBO documentary called Shelter Dogs ( Her most recent book is Great Dog Adoptions: A Guide for Shelters (Latham Foundation Press, 2002, Her first book written for the general public on adopting a great dog is due out in September through Wiley Publishing. Sue has five dogs and two cats (all adopted), and shares her yard with a host of adopted farm animals. She is an accomplished fiddle player, a mineral and fossil collector, loves Earl Grey tea, and is a major Star Trek fan. Photo

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PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME. No dogs attendees' pet dogs are allowed in the seminar room. If you cannot leave your dog at home, your dog must be confined safely and quietly in your vehicle (weather permitting). Please note that it can be cold in March and our main concern is that you consider the safety and comfort of your pet in a vehicle.

Sue will be working shelter dogs and presenting video clips of dogs throughout the seminar. We will set up a stage for easy viewing of the speaker and dog demonstrations

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During the seminar, please turn off all cell phone and pager audio alerts. Please take all private conversations outside while the speaker is presenting.

No videotaping or audiotaping, please. You may order videotapes of Sue's past lectures.

A selection of books, videos and toys will be available for sale. Checks and cash will be accepted only. Sue will also have her items for sale. Go to for a list of her books and videos.

Monday, March 8, 2003.

Full refund issued if requested by email or phone no later than Monday, March 8, 2004. Refunds requested after Monday, March 8, 2004 will be issued a 50% credit slip (less food purchases) that may be applied to future Puppyworks educational events. No refunds or credits after 9:00 am March 13th.

Metal or plastic chairs are available for seating. If you prefer more comfortable seating, we encourage you to bring your own chair. Please no oversized or high back chairs.

There should be ample parking at the seminar location. However, if a snowstorm hits before the seminar and if we do not have sufficient time to plow the area, the parking lot MAY NOT be able to accommodate all vehicles. There is additional parking down the street, which means you will need to park your vehicle and walk to the seminar building. Please plan to arrive early if you want a spot in the main lot.

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Narnia Pet Behavior Consulting and Training
10143 Clow Creek Road
Naperville, IL

FROM I-88 TOLLWAY: exit 59 and go south approximately 8 miles to 95th street. Turn right on 95th Street and go west for 1 mile to the traffic light (Wendy's and a gas station are at the corner). When 95th St dead ends, turn left and immediately right on to Wolf Crossing. After railroad crossing, turn left on Clow Creek Road. NARNIA is the 13th building on left.

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1698 West Diehl Rd (I88 & SR59)
Naperville, IL
$56.99 (single)/per night, $62.99 (double)/per night
reservations: 1-800-RED ROOF
local: 630-369-2500
Dogs allowed and must be crated in the room

2055 Wiesbrook Rd
Oswego, IL
No dogs allowed

TO NARNIA: From hotel access road go right (south) on Rt 30 to the first stop light. Turn left onto Rt 34 for 1/2 mile at next light go right onto Rt 30. Travel on Rt 30 for a few mile to Wolf's crossing (grain elavator on the corner) turn left 2 miles, until you reach Clow Creek Rd (if you go over railroad tracks you have gone to far). At Clow Creek turn right (south), NARNIA is the 11th building on the left.

1843 W Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL
Dogs allowed, pet fee determined upon check-in

1155 E Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL
No dogs allowed

FROM DIEHL RD HOTELS TO NARNIA: Coming out of hotel go west on Diehl Rd to Rt 59 south for approximately 8 miles to 95th St. Turn right on 95th St and go west for 2 miles (Wendy's and a gas station are at the corner). After railroad crossing, turn left on Clow Creek Road. NARNIA is the 11th building on left.

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